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când copacii cresc în copaci


painting, originally uploaded by calatorru.

câteodată cerul se face pământ
… cuvântul se face trup şi locuieşte printre oameni….
literele se fac cuvânt şi locuiesc una lângă alta în armonie
… cateodată


The Mirror in Amazement



10149832.jpg           The Wall was pleased It Looked almost artistic. A wall, a thread, a nail, and a mirror The Smiling face was a Wonder of reflection. Amazement! But even so, what was amazing was not the image, The external possessions, the belongings of the eye that was looking, But the thoughts; That little shadow of curiosity, Hanging on the wall Nailed there with the red thread which holds it. The face was too preoccupied with itself It did not notice, but I saw the wonder. In amazement was the mirror.