Prodigal Son(‘s Father)

So what?
Who are you to tell me what to do?
Why am I supposed to listen to all this nonsense?
I got tired,
I can’t stand it anymore!
Since childhood you kept repeating the same old stuff
And gave me one call after another
Urging me to pay attention to your advice.
After all, no one asked me if I want this too or not.
You made that decision all by yourself.
And now you claim  the right to go and come whenever you want
To be the master of my domain.
What’s left for me?
The title of a slave,
The ring of a son,
The robe of a heir?
I don’t want these!e013866.jpg
I know, I know, you think I’m a fool
A rebellious son, the wreck of  the family,
some disgrace you are ashamed of.
And you’re still selling me love stories,
And display tears (on your face)
Trying to impress me.
In vane! I’m telling you, it’s all in vane.
Cry as long as you want.
The message is this: you failed!
I’m outta here!
Listen carefully, these are my last words: I’m out of here!
And he left.
The sun went round and kissed the horizon one day after the other
Though gone for a short  while, it kept appearing as a lover.
That is the hope that fills the chest of the old Father.

...comentează, hai! :)

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